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gunplay 3dHighwater_standingup“Hard-boiled”


“Beautifully drawn characters”

More than 200,000 downloaded books

Over 300 five-star ratings on Amazon


T.J. Brearton’s books have been compared to David Baldacci thrillers and James Patterson crime novels, with a range of style that reminisces Raymond Chandler along with contemporary authors Jo Nesbo and Russell Banks. His debut novel, HABIT, quickly climbed the Amazon ranks among police procedural books to become a best-seller.

SURVIVORS continues the journey of Brendan Healy in a powerful crime and conspiracy thriller.

HIGH WATER pairs the supernatural with police procedural.

GUNPLAY is a collection of dark crime tales.

DARK WEB is a recent mystery thriller already considered one of the best of Brearton’s oeuvre.

REVOLUTION will be the police procedural / conspiracy thriller climax of the trilogy begun with HABIT and SURVIVORS, due out Summer 2015.

All of his books can be found on Amazon by clicking individually above, through his publisher Joffe Books, or here for the Amazon author page. HABIT is available in both e-book and print.

For more information visit Brearton Books




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